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The Impacts of "Islamic Science Methodology"
on The West


It is apparent as a historical and scientific fact that Islamic civilization is the only alternative to current and futuristic human civilization. In 7th century, when Islam started to arise in Arabian Peninsula, the World was separated into some empires such as China, India, Iran-Sassanid and East-Roman (Byzantine) Empires. However, these community systems were frozen and about to complete their periods. And none of them was an alternative to each other. Islam was born as a real alternative to contemporary human systems. And in a very short time, it expanded all around the world. While it was becoming a financial-economical-military power centre that destroys these empires at speed of light, it also lighted the torch of science, techniques and arts which convert the utter darkness of the middle age into light.

Especially "mental, positive and experimental scientific methodology", which Islam presents constitutes the source of Western Science's awakening (Renaissance Enlightment). Western Renaissance (Enlightment) gains its real inspiration and fundamentals from neither China nor India and Greek civilization.

It is a historical fact that Greek civilization especially heading to philosophical subjects has a limited and Aristotelian character. However, Islamic civilization not only benefits from positive elements of these civilizations but also makes research on natural, materialistic and universal events with a consistent, integrated and scientific method and initiates experimental-empirical studies. But, for a long time the West did not want to relate its own awakening to Islamic science and techniques, apparently it avoided this historical-scientific fact. The effort of releasing the awakening of West to Hellenic Greece is no doubt a subconscious reaction of Cross-Crescent conflict.

Today, in this age in which the facts are discovered, these blackouts in the past, the assumptions that Western civilization has now no alternative and that the methods and norms used are the only and last facts are not real although understandable. But it is not understandable at all that Islamic civilization members alienate themselves from their past and follow the Western civilization. Today, while the historical background of the Turkish is cancelled, their memories of past have been erased for years. How can an individual or society without a memory, namely, a historical consciousness define itself, make progress and follow the traces of truth? How can it say that "I am an individual and identity" without being a bait for them against other cultures and civilizations?

Individuals and societies without any identity are confined to drown in the sea of cultures and civilizations. An identity for a society is indispensable whether it is right or wrong. Interaction between culture systems and social thoughts can be identified with concepts such as approach, alienation and compromise. There is an irreconcilable conflict especially between two cultural-social systems whose fundamental principles are opposite. This conflict goes on by obvious or secret, peaceful or warlike means. Whichever party shows weakness, i.e. sees the other sympathetic, loses at the end. The powerful one influences socio-cultural concepts which are weak. From powerful to the weak, a cultural current starts and it is the fundamental law for cultural change.

In fact, this situation is similar to law of gravitation between the physical masses. Namely a planet whose mass is large (dense) attracts the smaller one and makes it its moon. All physical systems in the universe are subject to attraction and compliance law arising from attraction (force of gravity) differentiation. This law of gravity, in identifying cultural changes, is an indispensable and explanatory social law.

To sum up, in two culture-society types, first a cultural current from the powerful one to the weak one starts. After that, the powerful one attracts the weak one and shakes it to its foundations. Individuals and societies exempted from identity in means of culture and civilization surrender to the law of gravity of the powerful and attractive one without resisting.

Today, Western culture presenting itself as a contemporary civilization and utilizing scientific-technological superiority at the point, where its own norms are the latest and the most right contemporary facts, has attracted the other society and cultures by affecting them. This civilization, which cannot recognize matter, science and human as integrated and which idolizes the power, information and money has made the science and technology an aim with philosophy of "growth for growing". It intoxicates contemporary societies with its bedazzling power and then converts it into its sub-social system of civilization.

Who can survive from this black hole gravity? The societies, which do not have a historical-cultural background experiencing memory loss?.. Or the defenceless young brains which are fed with the history of Western culture and its current life? A society unfamiliar with its own identity and historical character and uninformed with the role of civilization which it belongs to in history and its contributions to science – technology?..

As a conclusion, it can be said that societies lack of all these positive values of identity, personality, ethical and characteristics to be a society and at the same time under another civilization's cultural bombardment are confined to become a material for civilizations which they are subject to its gravitation and to be removed in history and to become slaves of these civilizations.

The subject of our review in this section is limited to the contribution of Islam to "scientific methodology" and "science and technology". While Science of Islam destroyed Europe's scholastic Aristotelian mentality by the means of scientific methodology and techniques improved from astronomy to medicine and from chemistry to marine science, it had also become the source of scientific awakening (Renaissance-Enlightment) in the West.

Dr. Halil Bayraktar


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